Friday, August 7, 2009

Oligrachy, Health Care and You

I have shared with you the contents of HR3200, the proposed Health Care Reform Bill in the House of Representatives, now please allow me to share with you a little piece I wrote in response to Ken Cook, author of "A Conservative's Guide to Water Cooler Politics" and a member of the corporate anti-health community organizing group FreedomWorks, which is chaired by former Senate Majority Leader, Dick Armey.



Well, well, well. There is “true” information then there is socialist propaganda. The liberals think you are well informed when you agree with them. Regardless of how well informed you may be they will still tell you there is something fundamentally wrong with your understanding of their plans when you disagree with their plans even when you provide factual data and history to evidence your point.

Congress admits they have not read the resolution and if they have not read it their understanding must come from an explanation provided by others. Anyone who has read it knows to fully understand the resolution you must cross reference dozens of previous documents to make sure you understand the language that is being added and struck.

I am proud to be a part of The American Liberty Alliance and to work hand in hand with many great national organizations like Freedom Works as well as hundreds of local organizers and thousands of local activists to keep the fight alive and to take it straight to the source.


No Ken. Like nearly all of you Republicans, these days, you seem to be completely infatuated with anything that is counter to or detracts from the truth. Liberals do not think that people are well informed only when they agree with us. Liberals agree with people that are informed. We do not gather to compare notes and talking points, we do our own research independently. We do not listen to talk radio and paid pundits and simply nod and agree. We research the facts for ourselves and see if we agree or not. We search for truth, justice and the true American way. We are Supermen, fighting against, you, the Lex Luthor’s of this real world.

Nearly all of us have some serious disagreements with the Democratic Party at large, and find that party to be a most imperfect solution. However, we will gladly take imperfect over putrid everyday. And Putrid is what the Republican Party has become. The Health Care debate is one of those perfect issues, that, if one will take pause to be objective and step back and look at the broad strokes of the debate and the two sides and what they are fighting for or not fighting for, it becomes very clear how absolutely wrong and morally bankrupt the right is and how the left can only be seen to be fighting for a government (at least on this issue) that is truly for the people, by the people.

The right LOVES to talk about the evils of Socialism because the evils of Socialism tend to grant more freedom to the individual and less freedom to non-human, non-sovereign, multinational, corporations that have no value of human life outside of how they can profit from them. These untruthful scare tactics distract from several key truths and propagate several lies and half truths where the only intention that can be taken from those edicts is to trick the working class into believing that the woes of sick and villainous corporations are actually their woes too and to keep the working class enraged, depressed, reactionary and too blind to see all that you would steal from them. Freedom, money, power, rights, individualness, health and even life itself.

The Socialism talk uses a tactic where they point out Socialist countries as examples, except they generally describe the former Soviet Union, instead of the actual effects of Socialism on those countries they actually name. Like Denmark, Sweden, France, Canada and so on. This allows the GOP to distort reality on two fronts. The first being the obvious, those and other Socialist countries actually have societies that are MUCH more free in terms of human rights and individual liberties and are actually far more prosperous, because they do not allow their corporations to form a parasitic relationship with their country. Secondly, the Soviet Union was known as a COMMUNIST country. However, the moniker of Communism isn't actually true either. The Soviet Union was NEVER actually a Communist country. Lennin was the first to kill Marx's dream, but Stalin, mastered that same perversion. What the Soviet Union was in all actuality and what caused it's fall, no less, was the fact that the Soviet Union was an OLIGARCHY! A system where the resources of the nation and its population were wrest from them and given to the few wealthy and powerful of the nation. When the foundation of a nation (the people) have nothing and begin to crumble and deteriorate, and the few at the top (the corporate sponsored government) is overburdened with all the excesses, like a building designed in the same fashion, it falls.

In the case of the Soviet Union, Stalinism caused the nation to fall. Here in the US, we had 8 years of Oligarchy like, corporate sponsored government and for that we got the largest expanse in government and most intrusive and violating government we have ever known and it cost US in our economy, our national debt and the death, illness and further erosion of our middle class and the collective individuals that comprise our people. In simple terms, it was the EXACT OPPOSITE of the intention behind our nation, America and our Constitution.

The other contortion of reality from the right is the idea that individuals, small and medium sized business which are still run or owned primarily by those that founded those companies, are the same as these large and immoral corporations. They are not. When a company gets so large as to have shed the original founders of that company in lieu of an appointed CEO and Board of Directors, then that company is now run by a system that wholly dictates it's path and the people 'in charge' have now just become cogs in that system. No CEO can decide to take the company down or not take any available path to profit matter it's human toll or morality violations. If it is legal (and even if it isn't provided the corporation can get away with it, which is why the corporations always have their own policy people inside the government), it must be done. If not, that CEO is replaced with someone who will. This is most certainly not like the individuals, small and medium sized businesses of this nation and have no actual commonalities of social, political or economic concern. In fact, the GOP have tricked it's well meaning followers to fight against their own interests and fight for their own enslavement.

The problem here is that, somewhere, long ago in our nations history, we got confused into thinking that the interests of the free market outweigh and should outweigh the interests of the people. And with the advent of corporate personage, corporations can enjoy the freedoms and rights of individuals without any of the responsibilities or consequences. Now it is so that corporate profits are always private and protected, but corporate losses are now social. (So much for the evils of Socialism in this instance, eh?)

The funny thing is that we aren't even talking about socialized health care, universal health care or a single payer system...we are talking about A DAMN CHOICE!!! You like your healthcare? GOOD KEEP IT! You don't? Great! We have MORE OPTIONS!!! ANYONE who says they are for freedom but is against this new option, these new choices...are lying to themselves.

It is real simple to uncover the disguise the GOP is wearing here. What would the government stand to gain by offering a Public Option choice to Americans, outside of the stated desire to offer everyone affordable health care and better health care? (Don't even dare to be dumb enough to state obvious lies about mandating or paying for abortions or putting the elderly out to pasture. I have read HR3200 and I know what is in there and what is NOT in there) Now who stands to lose by having a Public Option? Now ask yourself, is it moral or American to stand with the corporations over the American people?

Yes, I do think it somewhat sad that the government has to step in to stop the deaths and bankruptcies of such a large number of our citizens because of unconscionable corporate greed. Much in the same way I regret that we have to have an NAACP in this country because of how many whites behave badly to those that are not white. Or that we have to have labor unions because of other horrendous atrocities committed by soulless corporate beasts. Or that we have to have murder laws because of how many people decide to kill other people. But we do have to have those things because those abuses and atrocities are well beyond the scope of 'isolated incidents'. So if you don't like the FACT that the government HAS to step in, on behalf of the good of the people and for the sake of the stability of the nation, lay the blame where the blame is the corporations who can not or will not operate within the bounds of moral sensibility and their well paid lap dog those who built and maintain this site.

Oh and one other thing...about taxes, which you all get so uptight over...

Taxes are like insurance, in that, your insurance company, say for auto insurance, sets a premium for insurance because they know what they will generally have to pay out in yearly claims and know what their employment costs and overhead costs are and what they want their profits to be. Now let's say you have State Farm Auto, for example, and last year State Farm Auto Insurance Company fell victim to over 10,000 incidents of insurance fraud. What do you think is going to happen to your premiums the following years? They go up. Same thing with taxes. A government sets a tax rate, because they know how much money they have to collect in a year to pay for all the things a government does. So what happens to your taxes when, let's say, every single major corporation and many other corporations of smaller sizes plus a measurable amount of the wealthiest individuals of our nation use international banking and tax laws to evade their tax liabilities? You pay more taxes! In fact, there is a single, very small, sea side hotel resort in the Bahamas that serves as the physical corporate address for over 18,000 US corporations! Again, if you want to scream and bemoan your ever increasing tax burden...lay the blame where the blame is due. At the feet of the wealthy, corporate tax evaders and the GOP leadership that run cover for them!

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